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Probiotic functional food - ProLact is a highly concentrated probiotic in powder form, each with its key nutrients and ingredients for maximum beneficial effects.

ProLact AntiAge 300g

Probiotic with bovine collagen for anti aging

ProLact Slim 300g

Probiotic with natural fruits for slimming

ProLact Kids Banana 300g

Probiotic for kids with natural banana

ProLact Kids Strawberry 300g

ProLact for kids with natural strawberries

ProLact Sport 300g

Probiotic for intensive training and work out

ProLact Aloe 300g

Probiotic with aloe vera

ProLact Protect 300g

Probiotic during chemeo and ray therapy

ProLact BioStim 300g

Probiotic for the whole family

ProLact Immuno 300g

Probiotic with honey for the immune system

ProLact Detox 300g

Probiotic for detoxication and gut flora

ProLact Rose 300g

Probiotic for the respiratory system and allergies

ProLact Max 300g

Probiotic from goat milk for normal intestinal flora

ProLact Prenatal 300g

Probiotic during and after pregnancy

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